Wednesday, December 16, 2009

100 days in Glacier National Park

Here is a really awesome photo set from's "The Big Picture."

Part of their writeup:

This summer, Glacier Park Magazine editor Chris Peterson undertook a photographic project to take photos of Montana's Glacier National Park over 100 consecutive days, starting on May 1, 2009, for a traveling photo show in 2010 to commemorate Glacier's Centennial. He used a mix of film and digital cameras, including an 8 by 10 field camera, a Kodak Pocket Vest camera, circa 1909, and a Speed Graphic, among others. His idea was to use the cameras that would have been used over the course of the Park's 100 years.

Here is the whole set of 100 photographs with the artists comments, well worth your time. Some great reading, as well as more amazing shots.

[remember to click images for larger size]

check the foreground right on this one

The beargrass in this one reminds me of my days in the fire lookout.

Bufo! [that one's for you Wife]

[As is this one] Smallest bird in North America, Calliope hummingbird (Stellula calliope)

And you gotta have bighorns.

Enjoy phenomenal photography of nearly untrammeled nature,


[via my faithful Canukistani operative "Yuri", all image credits in linked photo set]


rev said...

little fella gets around -

Deb said...

Stunning photos. No Glaciers.
We couldn't find any when we went, either, just a few snow fields. I can see more glaciers
from my bathroom window(Mt. Hood),
than in all of "Glacier National Park."


Bpaul said...

Rev: har har

Deb: You know, I didn't think about that until you mentioned it. Good point.