Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Vincent Floderer's origami mushroom instructions

If you have any interest in mushrooms, or origami, or... I suppose The French, this aught to be of interest to you.

Enjoy awesome, kitchey art,


[via "Yuri," my faithful Canukistani Operative, via Boingboing]


Deb said...

Not your Daddy's origami.
Sweet fungus!

Chuck Butcher said...

If I tried that I'd have an unrecognizable wet lump on the table

Bpaul said...

Deb, welcome to the blog.

Chuck, me too, me too.

Anonymous said...

How fun is THAT! I'm going to try it -- you can guess how it'll turn out...but practice makes, well, for more practice...and high admiration for Mr Floderer.