Thursday, October 29, 2009

Young woman killed by coyotes in Canada

A young Canukistani folk singer was actually taken out by (at least) a pair of coyotes, and on a popular hiking trail too.

Coyotes attacking people is an extremely rare event. Here is a great page aggregating a bunch of snippets about coyote attacks on humans. A nice quote right from the beginning is that people are millions of times more likely to be injured by a family pet than a coyote.


[original link via Cynical-C blog]


Anonymous said...

I've mentioned this sad news to a few friends here who have friends in Cape Breton and all have said they thought wild dogs rather than coyotes did the deed. Apparently there are many, cross-breeding etc., but as you say it's rare for coyotes to take on a human. Again, it's details that matter and sometimes are lost. Wonder if we'll ever know? povi

LT said...

I saw that. What a sad story. Seems like a wonderful young woman with a lot in store. Just so sad. And we have coyotes come basically through our back yard every night in these colder months. And behind our house is a stop-and-yip spot. Never even hurt the kitties all these years.


And anon: there were witnesses. And one of the coyotes was shot and killed.